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SILILABEL is an industrial company with high technology dedicated to processing and supplying to the market of single films, multilayer films and laminated materials for the plastic packagings, flexible packaging and labels.

All this has allowed new markets and increasingly demanding applications to be enhanced and developed, namely:

  • Graphics
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Food
  • Safety
  • Personal Identification Records
  • Construction


Nowadays all this guarantees that our products, reliability, quality and innovation reach the pharmaceutical, promotion and specialist market. Our expertise combines the what, what for, how, when, what with and where to use our products. It could not be any other way concerning such innovative and unusual products on the market.


SILILABEL S.A. handles very high quality standards. All products, processes and developments, as well as technical advice and careful development of suppliers of raw materials, materials and services are managed under these concepts. Our Development and Quality Control laboratory has the most advanced equipment for analysis (gas chromatography, electronic dynamometer, analytical scales, packaging simulators, stoves, etc.) to guarantee the specifications of all our raw materials and products. Our industrial plant, its current surface being 2,500 m2, is designed and equipped according to GMP criteria with central air conditioning equipment controlling room temperature with positive pressure, ensuring an excellent work environment for both staff and products manufactured there.


Since the launch of SILILABEL S.A., we have considered that our market share should be present throughout the region, especially in MERCOSUR, which was the reason why our first operations were simultaneously implemented in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.


SILILABEL S.A. has a current laminate manufacturing capacity of 2 million m2/ month

"The company philosophy is based on the permanent search of business opportunities which apply and enhance its innovative capacity" Sililabel S.A. " Sililabel is firmly committed to continuously sustaining and enhancing its technical capabilities for the benefit of new product development."

Latest Review: 30/08/2012

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