In SILILABEL S.A., in addition to providing our customers with our products and technical service, we have considered a range of processes very specially appreciated and valued by our customers, namely:

  • Laminating Process: The high production capacity installed enables us to provide the third-party market with low and high volume and special product processes. We can laminate permanent or self-adhesive films under strict quality parameters.
  • Cutting Process: Due to the increasingly frequent material cutting requirement by our customers, we have a production team committed to serving them. Cutting services comprise materials having different features and origins. Widths range from 35 mm to 2000 mm, thicknesses from 10 microns to 400 microns, and output coils up to a 650-mm diameter.
  • Siliconizing Process: The different equipment making up our siliconizing productive potential enables us to quickly meet the siliconizing needs our customers often have due to the lack of equipment or capacity. Given the versatility of our equipment we can usually process small volumes.
  • Coating Process: As in the case of siliconizing, we have the capacity necessary to quickly meet our customers’ coating needs.

We also provide technical advice on:

  • Printing Line: Assisting our customers in the correct application and use of our materials. At the bottom of the printing machine we convey use features and the conditions necessary for the use of different types of inks, systems and cutting and die cutting design.
  • Label application Line: The expertise of our staff provides such a high-value resource as time is. Small corrections and/ or adjustments in labelling equipment provide tranquillity to the production line, which does not often have the appropriate training.
  • Blister Line: In order to set the optimum machine operating conditions to obtain the right forming of the alveoli.

"The company philosophy is based on the permanent search of business opportunities which apply and enhance its innovative capacity" Sililabel S.A. " Sililabel is firmly committed to continuously sustaining and enhancing its technical capabilities for the benefit of new product development."

Latest Review: 30/08/2012

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