SILILABEL is an industrial company with high technology dedicated to processing and supplying to the market of single films, multilayer films and laminated materials for the plastic packagings, flexible packaging and labels.

All of our films and laminates have a second corona treatment to ensure to the customer the correct further processing of them. Also we offer to the market the application of coatings such as acrylic resins, PVC, top coating, heat seal lacquers, prymers for laser and inkjet printing, varnishes, release agents, silicones, etc. All of the mentioned processes developed within the company are included in the ISO 9001 Quality System.

"The company philosophy is based on the permanent search of business opportunities which apply and enhance its innovative capacity" Sililabel S.A. " Sililabel is firmly committed to continuously sustaining and enhancing its technical capabilities for the benefit of new product development."

Latest Review: 30/08/2012

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