SILILABEL S.A. has a Research & Development department able to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Our know-how and the high quality standards governing our processes enable us to develop products which replace other existing ones improving process performance and benefiting our customers both productively and economically.

Development does not only focus on replacing other products, but also includes the design of products for new uses and applications. This case is the one that represents a bigger challenge and in which our potential makes the difference before the competition. It is due to this quality and development capability that world renowned companies companies daily rely on the products developed by us.

SILILABEL S.A.’s design and development processes have been certified under ISO 9001 standard for over 10 years.

Our knowledge and expertise, coupled with the strategic relationship with the main producers of raw materials in the world, enable us to develop reliable and high quality products.


In SILILABEL S.A. we want to receive your queries in order to develop the products you need. For this reason, we need to know:

  • The functional requirements of the product.
  • The applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Any other specification you may consider to be relevant to the design and development.

"The company philosophy is based on the permanent search of business opportunities which apply and enhance its innovative capacity" Sililabel S.A. " Sililabel is firmly committed to continuously sustaining and enhancing its technical capabilities for the benefit of new product development."

Latest Review: 30/08/2012

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