Multifunctional – multilayer self-adhesive laminates

In this product line, there are structures that combine three or more films of plastic, cellulose or any other origin. For example, our products SILIPET LASER Mate 231262/405 or SILIPET DORSO 633636/600 used in the manufacturing of cards commercially known as «Easy Card» [“Fácil Card”] are a clear example of this laminate segment in which we are the only local producers. Here we combine coatings suitable for laser printing, Polyester films of different micron ratings, permanent or self-adhesive laminates and siliconized paper base. Another structure is our SILILITE 603050/100 suitable for manufacturing dual action labels. Market needs are often so varied that they demand full readiness on our part. We usually say that these special orders are like «a bespoke suit». All special. We are prepared for this.

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"The company philosophy is based on the permanent search of business opportunities which apply and enhance its innovative capacity" Sililabel S.A. " Sililabel is firmly committed to continuously sustaining and enhancing its technical capabilities for the benefit of new product development."

Latest Review: 30/08/2012

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